Gesa Helms

Hornet tree


apple tree (1)

Well. It doesn’t work like this at all. There is no way. If you had a frame it could possibly work. But like this, it’s all really skewed.

The paper is far too wide at the bottom, and then you leaned the poles against the tree really crookedly. The poles themselves are also completely bent.

Well. I am really sorry but I can’t offer you anything here. Everything is really bent and crooked. And with the paper you aren’t able to achieve any kind of tension across it. Well. If you had some cloth, it could possibly work, but like this.

Well. I really don’t know about it at all.

It doesn’t work like this. I am sorry but I can’t help you.

apple tree (2)

Ah. This is what it looks like now? That is interesting. You can see all those things in this. Well. I only see that it is all really skewed and that there is this big gap and that there is no tension at all. Oh, look: there is a hornet. Well, yes: the shadows are really diverse and now it is moving. But sure, you make art. For me it is only a skewed frame. Well, if we would tense it properly on its edges. It is like the Schrebergaertner [the obsessive, tidy, controlled German allotment owner] and the one who does organic gardening. Fascinating. Tell me again what you want to do with this. And you think the tracing paper is the right material for it.

apple tree (3)

Oh, yes, now you can see the wind.